Once upon a time, I had a dream.I was smitten with the art of soapmaking, and I was going to create a life as a full-time soapmaker, offering people a moment of pleasure in their day with my handcrafted soaps. These were going to be one-of-a-kind soaps, special in every way: Natural, from the essential oils to the clays and botanicals I used as pigments. Incredible attention to craftsmanship and artistic detail… gorgeous bars, perfectly trimmed and shaped, perfect and special, a precious gift. I longed to bring you an amazing and creative variety to choose from, and yes, and all completely formulated by me! 

I did exhaustive research into what natural materials should–and shouldn't be used in skin care products (natural does not equal safe, you know). I painstakingly made from hand all my packaging (not so easy). I was also determined to bring high ethical standards to the creation of the product, and making sure I myself earned a fair wage. (The latter proved to be the hardest part.)

I realized my product was risky in that it would carry a high price point. But I felt it was worth it, especially given the feedback I received:

“These are the best soaps I’ve ever used.”

“They have are beautiful, I don’t find anywhere else.”

It came time to promote the dream  Funds were tight, but being chick-of-all-trades I was able to create the website myself, including product photography… and, with input from friends, created the labeling myself too.

I had some great successes and developed a small but loyal following (thank you). I worked long and hard hours, having faith that the business would grow.

Then… things started to happen. Was it the economy or was I just tired? tired of  loading and unloading the truck traveling from show to show, doing the farmers market and sitting in the hot or cold for hours on end. Then there were the financial resources to keep it going, the cost of insurance and supplies were rising off the chart. So for now I have put things on hold I am  still making small batches for the family and perhaps in the future I will open back up.

Again I thank all of you that supported me and the dream!



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    April 2013